Guts 'n Gunships

Guts 'n Gunships follows Garrison's true life story of being on the short list for the draft, and then going all in by signing up for helicopter pilot training. After just a few months training, he found himself in the mountains of VietNam flying Huey helicopters into small holes in the triple canopy jungle. He had been assigned to duty with the Crocodiles and Alligators of the 119th Assault Helicopter Company, just a few short miles from the dreaded Ho Chi Minh Trail.

His one-year recounting of his numbered days there are painted with blood, pathos and hilarious incidents stemming from hard drinking, and furious nap of the earth flying, while the helicopters were blown apart with the pilots and crews in them.

Most uplifting of all is the author's first person accounting of a unit of pilots who saw the American mission failing but renewed vows among themselves that they would give the enemy no quarter and would cut no corners in their attempts to bring home alive every American they possibly could.

No one has ever before addressed the American helicopter pilot experience in the way Garrison does.

—Ron Gawthorp, Author, Richer Than the Rockefellers and Glimpses of Glory

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